Our water story …

We have had low winter rainfall for Cape Town since 2014 and our supply dams are getting lower each year – level 5 water restrictions.

At this rate we will run out of water by March 2018 – BUT, we won’t if we all pull together and conserve this precious resource. We appeal to you to use water sparingly.

Here are a few ideas – we encourage short 2 minute showers, with mildly opened faucets, switch off taps when brushing teeth and shaving, only flush the toilet when necessary.

African Violet has put in many measures to conserve water.

Lawn was taken up and replaced with fake grass. Planters have been replaced with artificial plants. We have installed three large water storage tanks that can supply the guest house if water in the city runs low, or when the city reduce pressure in areas as part of their water-shedding programme.

Guests visiting African Violet have no need for concern.

We obviously trust that while you stay in Cape Town, you will add your bit to help us conserve this precious resource.