Grain silos repurposed – Zeitz MOCAA

Oh my word! The building hosting the Zeitz MOCAA Museum is remarkable.

As an ignorant visitor just walking in and seeing the brilliant design and use of the concrete silo tubes recreated to functional and dramatic spaces takes your breath away.

Heatherwick Studio was given the brief to re-imagine the Grain Silo Complex at the V&A waterfront.

They repurposed forty-two 33 metre concrete tubes, each with a diameter of 5.5 metres into an exhibition space of the highest possible quality that has been hallowed by the world of design.

Seeing the angled cuts into the huge tubes, inner and outer strengthening of these old silos, the stairway, the open spaces … quite unique

Thomas Heatherwick said the aim with Zeitz MOCAA was to create an interior so impressive that people can’t resist going inside – and they achieved it!