Fish Hoek Beach

I have very fond childhood memories of Fish Hoek beach.

Of holidays spent with young cousins, aunts and uncles digging in the sand, building sand cars and sand castles, damming sea water – of frolicking and playing. We’d comb the beach for empty coke bottles using the refund to buy pink star-sweets that would dye our tongues bright pink! It epitomised the joys of youth – to be free and exploring.

The long white beach runs parallel to the railway line heading to Sunny Cove and Simon’s Town.

Fish Hoek beach is perfect for families with young children. The water is shallow and waves mild. The white sand is great for buckets and spades, and as the children get older, a game of cricket or beach bats.

The sea water temperature is warmer after the south easter has been blowing for a few days, as the surface water is blown in and makes for great cavorting in the waves.

Home to ‘trek’ fishermen (seine), that hang fishing nets vertically in the water with the bottom edge held down by weights and the top edge buoyed by floats, between two boats.

It causes quite a stir when fresh fish are pulled up onto the beach.

Beachcomber Restaurant is such a blessing. Affordable fare can be enjoyed by locals and tourists enjoying the beach. They are open early in the morning, which (in my opinion) is the best time to be there.