How we got started

Rob came up into the house looking ashen faced, ‘The digger loader can’t get up the hill.’

‘Let’s pray’, he said.

Two minutes later the huge digger loader (that was costing more than we could afford) was making its way onto the bottom of the property, having negotiated a small corner through two other properties and up a steep, rock obstructed route.

That driver was a miracle worker. Within hours he had dislodged rocks, moved, carried and arranged huge boulders till the site looked a mess!

We were thrilled, and excited to be breaking ground.

Three years before we’d had plans drawn up for a cottage at the bottom of the garden.

It took time. We needed to get neighbours’ signatures. Several times, due to changes of plans. There were hold-ups at the council. The day Rob completed the construction project he’d been busy with for 2 years, the plans came through, and we started.

African Violet luxury self-catering was under construction for a year and a half. I would return each afternoon from my job, make two cups of tea, wander down to the building–in–progress and see what ‘Rob the builder’ had got up to that day. In life you get two types of people – workers, and non-workers. Rob is a worker. He designed and created a little haven with nooks and pockets, walk-ways and terraces – a beautiful place for visitors to come and feel on holiday.

In 2006, African Violet was open for business with three apartments. In 2010, we opened two more in time for the World Cup Soccer that was hosted in Cape Town. In 2017, we are opening apartment #6.

It has been a rewarding experience.

Rob and I work well together. It is especially pleasant for me as Rob is one hundred percent committed. If I notice something that needs to be done on the maintenance side – it is done! – no nagging required.