Slangkop Lighthouse Boardwalk

Being in the ‘deep south’ of Cape Town, you are surrounded by nature.

You can see it in the landscape of 360° views, but you can also emerge yourself in it to hear and smell as well.

One of our favourite wanderings is the boardwalk starting at Slangkop Lighthouse, meandering all the way to the Kom.

This little gem is surprisingly unprompted; we only discovered it this year – having lived in the area for over 20 years! Perhaps the locals keep it hidden.

Take the dirt road, sign posted for Slangkop Lighthouse. There is a gap in the wire fence on the north side – and that is where the walk starts.

The raised pine-walkway above the fynbos takes you to the coast line, then wanders and weaves parallel to the rounded white sea boulders and the Atlantic Ocean.

At places the walk becomes a little narrow, so one has to then walk in single file, and squeeze past people coming from the opposite direction.

Everybody greets each other as they pass.

The sunset walks are my favourite.