Safe drinking water in Cape Town

Yes, it is perfectly safe to drink tap water in Cape Town – the water is compliant with special SANS 241 water standards and is constantly monitored. We have delicious drinking water – and it is PERFECTLY safe to drink. We do. All the time, every day – and it is sweet and good. There is no need to buy drinking water. Use it from the taps all over the city – and enjoy! Cape Town is located in a water scarce region, and is susceptible to periodic droughts – as we experienced in 2017/18. Thankfully, due to seasonal rains and well managed water maintenance, the water crisis is over. However, we will never again take for granted our water supply. We warmly welcome visitors from all around the world. Cape Town can accommodate and meet the water needs of an influx of tourists. During your stay in Cape Town, you will not experience a shortage of water. We merely ask that guests use water responsibly and without excess. African Violet Guest Suites have done much to establish water saving measures. Three large water storage tanks are tucked away in foliage covered corners around the property. These tanks supply pool top-ups during the summer months.  We have installed excellent water-wise shower heads– so effective you would have no idea. The garden has been upgraded to include beautiful green artificial grass – with no watering required! We look forward to your visit at the truly beautiful city at the tip of Africa.