V&A Waterfront – we love it!

We plan our outings to the V&A Waterfront with great expectation.

Generally we go early in the morning before the crowds arrive – early bird catches the worm is our motto. The place is relatively empty at that hour: shops and restaurants are opening up for the day’s business. I feel joy as I witness the morning light change across the sky and water. We choose the day quite carefully weather-wise, so invariably it is a perfect morning.

We have our favourite restaurants for breakfast. If we are really early, Vovo Telo in the main square is a bakery and restaurant of our choice, and is open early – 07:30h

We are great ‘wanderers’ where we just take in atmosphere, appreciate what we see, hear and smell, and walk slowly from one end to the other.  Often a Watershed tour is included. The Watershed is a beautiful and vibrant space where over 150 tenants offer more than 365 brands to visitors. These include ceramics, textiles, furniture, fashion and jewellery. Many of the traders sell unique products, and upmarket arts and crafts.

If we are peckish, the V&A Food Market is our go-to place for variety, affordability, and excellence. This is a platform for small businesses to launch trend concept food stores and bars. There is something for everyone. You can sit indoors when outdoors is windy or cold, and quayside for sundowners, where you can watch the world go by.

Something I recommend is to treat yourself to a Cape Wheel ride. I was so surprised by the experience. What an unexpected thrill to view the city and surrounds from meters high up in the sky. It took my breath away.

Invariably, there are a range of performers and activities going on. There is always action on the waters – boats or yachts coming and going, and in the air, helicopters departing or returning to the V&A helipad. Even the crying seagulls entertain.

No matter where you are the views all around are splendid.