A walk to remember – Kalk Bay to Casa Labia, and back

Enjoying False Bay coast in the morning, I think is the best.

A most enjoyable outing is to drive to St. James and park your car. On foot take the subway under the railway line that leads to St James beach, find the concrete path and head north as it winds along the coast.

The sunlight catches the ripples of the ocean water which sparkles and glitters. This scene brings back happy childhood memories of being captivated by this very sight.

You’ll pass the odd weathered fisherman casting his line out to sea. There are a few memorial benches along the way, should you need to catch your breath – our favourite reads: ‘remembering you babe.’

The bird life, action of the sea, rock pools, Hottentot Holland Mountains in the distance will keep your eyes focussed and appreciative.

We have always been when the weather was favourable – ‘else you may get wet with crashing waves.

A comfortable 1.6km stroll will take you as far as the wonderful home of Count and Countess Natale Labia, Casa Labia.

This is the halfway mark.

Find your way across the railway lines and Main Road, and treat yourselves to tea and cake (Closed on Mondays)

Once refreshed and refilled, return the same way you came.

I heartily recommend this.