Easy Dig Café

at Harry Goeman Nursery , Kommetjie Road

Nick admits that he is a coffee snob.

Originally from England, and having travelled and worked all over the world, finally settling in Cape Town South Africa, Nick Mitchell, the owner/manager of Easy Dig Café, has turned this little restaurant into a warm, bustling and comfortable place to be.

“The first four things I did when I took over this restaurant were

  • Redecorate
  • Change coffee
  • Add indoor fireplace
  • Install outdoor blinds”

All around Easy Dig Café are interesting pieces of furniture, metal work fixtures and rustic tables that are for sale. Nick, a designer, makes these unique items.

A life-lesson from his father, learned growing up in the UK, was to ‘always do your best!’

If you fail, that is OK. At least you did your best. I like that.

He feels it is important to always be on the job, keep a handle on the running of the business and get to know his customers.

Nick has introduced gluten free items to the menu. His wife is a coeliac. So if you are amongst the growing numbers of people that are realizing that they cannot tolerate gluten (me included), you can enjoy great coffee and a tasty snack too (carrot cake, pancake and more)

Last week, I was at an evening counselling training session, where one of the members mentioned that she likes going to Easy Dig Café because the coffee is good and not over priced!

Easy Dig Café is two minutes from African Violet.

So if you are looking for something to do, you can enjoy the soul soothing surroundings of a well run nursery, and enjoy an outing with refreshments.